Friday, May 22, 2009

River Pollution

Since several year, has the government campaign launch "Love River "in countries which encompasses various efforts monitor, conserve, wash and beautify condition of river. Nevertheless, belakangan this, river pollution issue increased further serious until Natural Resources and Environment Minister, produce a sense of disappointment its because not exist impact that can flattered on great state our river.
His problem is invisible any action effectively made. Those who staying river environment such as plant entrepreneur, food stall dealer and also home resident still regarded river as place to channel rubbish and all sorts of waste want to be thrown.

Local authority (PBT) and state government need holding various events involving public and industry. Public support and private would be vital if campaign love river required telling. Feeling love river which flowed through they residence or town stay is theirs also need to be nurtured. Only by way like this, new would arise feeling love their river is own thereby they also striving conserve its of contaminated. Whatever its most rivers and valley region continued to be hit pollution. In fact pollution level to several river stem go from bad to worse to be forced categorised as already 'dead'.
River on the whole its is is important environment element to mankind. Immemorial, human having familiarity with river because river function as transport equipment and relationship, source of water supply for domestic and agriculture and source of protein to mankind. Hence, small wonder why ancient city and most modern city grow and grow in river estuaries.For example, first city placing such as Uruk, Eridu and Ur which appears in history of the human civilization about 6000 years first (4000 SM) in Mesopotamiadan Babylon were built in fertile valley disaliri by Tigris River and SungaiEuphrates (Mocionis & Parillo 1998 ).

realize the importance river to mankind a statistics had been made by Jabatan Perairan's Director General and Saliran, Datuk Keizrul Abdullah, on river position in our country which actually increasingly aggravated.. From total 120 districts river valley monitored Jabatan Alam Sekitar (COAT) his pollution position deteriorating from year to year. In year 2002, is still 63 river categorised as clean, but a year after only remain 58 still clean river. In 2002, 43 river considered already polluted while a year after polluted river number increasing to 53. However, total rivers experience gross pollution stay nine stem only in 2003 compared to 14 before then. No known what is ?.

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